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Monday, October 16, 2017

When I was writing CHASING DRAGONS, I needed to research the slang and jargon appropriate to the times. World War II produced a bunch of clever, and often colorful terms. Here are just a few for your enjoyment. In acronyms where the “F” appears, I have substituted “Fouled” for the more vulgar term. If you have some others, feel free to comment. Two rules: Keep it clean and make it appropriate to the WW II time frame.
Applesauce – Expletive
Anchor clanker -Sailor
Are you rationed? – Are you going steady?
Armored cow – Canned milk
Army banjo - shovel
Bags of mystery - Sausage
Bathtub – Sidecar for a motorcycle
Bupkis – Zero, Nothing
Canned morale – A movie
Cat’s beer - Milk
Cheaters - Sunglasses
Chrome-dome – Baldhead
Cook with gas – To do something right
Cookie – Cute Girl
Cupid’s itch - VD
Dead hoofer – Poor dancer
Devil’s piano -Machine gun
FUBAR – Fouled up beyond recognition
Gams – Legs
G.I. Jesus - Chaplain
Going fishing = looking for a date
Hen fruit – Eggs
Horsefeathers – Expletive
Khaki wacky – Boy crazy
Licorice stick - Clarinet
Moo and goo - Pancakes and syrup
Motorized freckles – Insects
Peepers - Eyes
Share cropper – Promiscuous woman
SOS – “Stuff” on a shingle
SNAFU – Situation normal all fouled up
Snap your cap – Get angry
Stompers – Shoes